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  • The BEST all-in-one STEM-education and resource center in the U.S.!
  • Onsite, year-round STEM workshops, labs and camps.
  • Real laboratory and technology MakerSpace in a 2000 sq.ft. state-of-the-art workshop.
  • Cutting-edge science and technology retail products.

Experience STEM like no place on the planet!

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What's New

Hovsepian K-8 After School program

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Workshop Calendar

STEM Expert Fridays

Share with us and an expert in their field (6:30-8pm).

3D Printing Classes

2-hour session
Age:18+, $60

Our Programs
To inspire your future scientist...

STEM Camps
Ages 5+
Our holiday and summer camps encourage future scientists and engineers to think, create and innovate.
Ages 9+
After-school, 8-week programs. Engaging hands-on activities with core STEM topics.
STEM School
Ages 8+
Our program for home-schooled students.
Ages 5-8
Workshops to spark younger kids' imagination.
STEM Girlz
Ages 8+
STEM Girls are heroes too. Boy-free science, engineering and technology workshops.
Teen Labs
Ages 13+
Cinema Lab, Drone Academy & Aviator Lab for the innovative spirit.
Technology Labs
Ages 14+
3D printing, CNC & Makerspace equipment classes.
STEMagic Academy
Ages 7+
A unique workshop series to showcase the magic of science, and the science in magic, to combine for a truly “STEM-magic” experience.

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