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Our Story

We wanted to foster science and technology interests outside the traditional classroom.  Inspired by our own kids’ curiosity, we imagined a place for "all things STEM": including challenging educational programs, a real laboratory and creative workshop, interactive displays, and quality equipment - all in an inspiring, state-of-the-art hands-on learning environment like no place you've seen before.

Our PHILOSOPHY and MISSION have always been simple - inspire future scientists, because scientists are heroes too.
(Watch our 5 min inspiration video below!)

Real Science … Smarter Kids … Better World

Our Founders

Creator and Founder
Joseph is the original creator of STEM World. Inspired by a lifelong passion for science and a natural curiousity to learn, Joseph came up with the idea for a "STEM immersion" center in 2012, shortly after his son began showing an interest in science - made real when he found a fossilized "shark tooth" during a family hike!  After several years of kicking ideas around with other science and education professionals, Joseph designed an engaging kids' workshop/inventor space like no other.  His mission now is to inspire future generations to explore their world, pursue passions, and become creative change-makers!


Co-founders/siblings Carina, Carla and Domingo are an adventurous bunch - they've climbed mountains, jumped out of airplanes, and rafted down class IV rivers!  Carina and Carla cut their teeth as Information Technology professionals, with 40 years of combined IT experience in different disciplines, and Domingo is a recognized physician at Texas Tech University, passionate about teaching (as assistant professor at TTU) and the arts.  STEM is in their bloodstream!

Together, they bring passion and experience to STEM World.

What makes STEM World different?

Our Facility - We deliver the best 'STEM-immersion' space anywhere, all in a 2000 sq.ft. real laboratory and workshop, complete with quality, hands-on equipment, tools and technology.

Our Curriculum - We have devoted thousands of hours making our unique curriculum the best in the industry, based on NGSS and Project-Based Learning approaches, but staying fun, engaging and informative.

Our Team - Our educated, well-trained and diverse science and technology team is the best at creating fun, engaging, hands-on activities that teach essential skills for the future.  We are passionate and committed to inspiring future scientists and engineers!