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Our Story

We identified a need to foster science and technology interests outside the traditional classroom.  Inspired by our own kids’ curiosity, we imagined a place for all things STEM: challenging educational programs, a real laboratory and makerspace, interactive displays, and engaging retail products - all in an inspiring, state-of-the-art hands-on learning environment like no place you've seen before.

Our philosophy has always been simple - inspire future scientists, because scientists are heroes too.
(Our 5 minute cinematic trailer below exemplifies this philosophy)

Real Science … Smarter Kids … Better World

Our Leadership Team

Creator and Founder
Joseph is the original creator of STEM World. Inspired by a lifelong passion for science with a naturally curious mind, and recognizing the growing need for STEM enrichment, Joseph imagined a true "STEM immersion" space like no other. After taking an unconventional path to STEM after years in another profession, Joseph is finally following his true passion - inspiring future heroes to dream, explore and make a difference.


Co-founders/siblings Carina, Carla and Domingo are an adventurous bunch.

Carina and Carla are both Information Technology professionals. With 40 years of combined IT experience in different disciplines, STEM is in their bloodstream.

Domingo is the Associate Director of the Hospital Fellowships at Texas Tech University-HSC. He is passionate about teaching others (as the assistant professor at Texas Tech University) and the arts (he regularly sings the national anthem at ball games).

Together, they bring passion and experience to STEM World.

What makes STEM World different?

That's easy...

1. Our Facility - A true 'STEM-immersion' center, all in a 2000 sq.ft. real laboratory and workshop space, complete with professional, hands-on equipment, tools and technology.

2. Our Curriculum & Instruction - We have not only devoted hundreds of hours making our unique curriculum the best in the industry, we've also recruited the best and the brightest.  We recruit instructors with experience and education in the STEM program they are teaching - this ensures that your student is getting the highest-quality instruction possible.

3. Our Products - In our labs and workshops, we use only the highest quality equipment and instructional aides available on the market.  And in our retail, we've carefully chosen products only from the highest-quality, award-winning and cutting-edge manufacturers.

4. Our Promise - To inspire your inner scientist, engineer or just plain curious mind.