6 weeks, 3 hrs per session - Saturdays
Age 13-18

Is your teenager interested in filmmaking? Or acting? Or just loves creative expression? Now your teen can get the full experience with a professional director in this introductory, but comprehensive, six (6) week movie-making course. Groups split into two film crews, students learn everything from script writing and acting, to set design, videography and editing - all with professional grade equipment! And they’ll have their own iMDb credit for a short film by the end of this course!



Course DA101 - 4 weeks, 2 hrs per session - Saturdays
Age 13-18

Interested in learning all about drones? This is a great introductory course for teens interested in the hobby.
Taught by expert operators, we cover what your student needs to safely operate and maintain a drone, as well as discussion of various drone technologies, types and uses of drones. We offer both simulated and real flights in our indoor mini-drone obstacle course - guaranteed fun!  [Additional courses coming - Racing drones, aerial photography, coding/programmable drones and adult workshops.]

12-2pm; February 3, 10, 17, 24


4 weeks, 2 hours per session
Age 13-18

Our version of "flight school." We cover the principles of aerodynamics and flight for both planes and helicopters.  We also spend time covering rules/regulations, communications, and proper navigation. But most importantly, students get two sessions in an online flight simulator on our HD screen, using realistic aircraft controls!  (Note: Instructional only and not an FAA certified class).