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July 13 - August 17 (6 weeks)
Saturdays, 1 - 4pm
Age 13-19 (limit 14 students)

Want to learn filmmaking from a real filmmaker? Or study videography or acting? Now your teen can! Cinema Lab is a premiere hands-on cinema workshop designed for teens interested in serious filmmaking, taught by experienced filmmakers. This comprehensive course offers weekly workshops that will take students all the way through the creative process, from the script to the big screen! In the course, each student will get the opportunity to undertake various roles on set, including writing, directing, producing, cinematography, production design, lighting, sound and editing, culminating in a public screening to friends and family!

Week 1: From Idea to Script
Week 2: Visualizing the Script/Storyboarding, & Crew Assignments
Week 3: Orientation to Acting, Cinematography & Directing
Week 4: Production Day 1
Week 5: Production Day 2 & Intro to Editing
Week 6: Sound, Effects & Final Editing
Public Screening - Time/Date TBD



Course DA101: ___ (4 weeks)
Day/Time TBD
Age 13-18 (limit 12 students)
$299 (incl. drone)

Want to learn all about drones? This is a great introductory course for those interested in the hobby.
Taught by expert operators, we cover what your student needs to safely operate and maintain a drone, as well as discussion of various drone types and applications. We offer both simulated and real flights in an indoor obstacle course - guaranteed fun!  Tuition includes Altair AA108 drone or similar ($109 retail value).


Course AS201 (Helicopter): ___ (6 weeks)
Day/Time TBD
Age 13-18 (limit 10 students)

Our version of "flight school." Our expert FAA certified helicopter flight instructor (with 11,000+ flight hours and lots of "war stories") will cover the principles of aerodynamics and flight, mechanical systems, rules/regulations, communications, weather and maps/navigation.  Each student will get several sessions on our custom flight simulator using our large HD screen, using realistic aircraft controls, as well as other realistic training, ending with a field trip to a local airstrip!  Bring your flight suit future pilots/astronauts and be ready to have fun!