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After-School Programs

STEM World partners with your school to provide unique STEM learning experiences to its students. 

STEM World's After-School Programs

STEM World brings our unique brand of "STEM learning" directly to your school. Our programs provide hands-on activities that promote problem-solving as well as creative and analytical thinking. We've created engaging programs in traditional (biology, physics, engineering) and non-traditional sciences (such as astrophysics, paleontology, anthropology or archaeology), technology (such as programming/coding and robotics), and other custom-made programs to fit your school's needs. Sessions include weekly classes in core topics, with curriculum carefully designed to cover all skill levels – so, with or without experience, students are sure to be challenged! 

Our current school programs-
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About the program

What makes our programs the best?

We've developed some of the best science and technology curriculum in the business.  Our curriculum developers are experts at what they do - while they are educators, scientists, industry professionals and creative types, most importantly, they know how to make science engaging and fun!
We've found them.  We've trained them.  We've given them the right tools to work with.  But one thing we can't teach is personality and when you got it, you got it!  All of our instructors are rigorously vetted and carefully picked for their knowledge, teaching skills and super personalities.
We promise you this ... you won't find a more passionate, committed team to engage, educate and inspire your future scientist.  We love kids, but we love showing them the wonders of STEM learning even more!  His or her positive experience in our workshops is our highest priority.