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Science – What Does it have to do with Me, Anyway?

Writer: Victoria Smith/STEM World
November 5, 2018
Science is one of those subjects that, when done right, can capture imaginations and engage curious minds of young and old alike. Yet, it can also be perceived as difficult, boring, or worst of all, irrelevant.

Encouraging Your Girls into STEM: How STEM Education Can Empower Young Women and Brighten their Futures

August 23, 2018
The energetic efforts to encourage girls and women into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) over recent years have achieved some success.

There is A Huge Buzz Around STEM Education, But What Is It and How Can Your Kids Benefit From It?

Writer: STEM World
August 14, 2018
The push to promote STEM education continues to rank high on the agenda for educators, industry, and public policy makers alike. But have you ever wondered what exactly STEM education looks like, or what the big deal is? You may know that STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. But STEM education is about far more than just traditional science lessons.

How Does My Child Really Benefit From Their After-School Program?

Writer: Victoria Smith/STEM World
September 28, 2018
Many students in K-12 education enjoy participation in after-school clubs and programs. But do these extra-curricular activities really support children’s development? Or are they more of a way to fill an hour or two before home time? And with so many options out there, how do you know which are best for your child?Research shows that there are important benefits to taking part in after-school activities.However, not all after-school programs are created equal, so it is important to select the right ones for your child’s needs.

Young Scientists as Superheroes

August 30, 2018
We all know the headlines: Global warming threatens Earth! Pollution is choking our planet! Habitats have been destroyed and resources depleted, and we are drowning in a sea of non-biodegradable waste. Sometimes it may seem that none of us has a future at all.