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STEM World's Educator Programs

STEM World is a leader in STEM education, curricula and the development of engaging hands-on activities in science and technology.  We’ve developed some of the best STEM courses and workshops anywhere.  For local schools and teachers, we offer a full range of programs to help bring STEM into your school or classroom. 

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Sample Pricing

STEM Shows™


STEM World has developed the most exciting, informative and engaging STEM “stage shows” in the industry. Utilizing top talent in science educators and communicators, we can offer your school or organization a science or technology show like no other! We can present in a workshop format in a classroom, or auditorium-style to larger groups, with programs like:

The Force Be With You! (Newtonian physics/class workshop)
Invertebrates - No Bones About It (Biology/class workshop)
Patient Zero Lab (Virology/class workshop)
Chemical Actions and Reactions (Chemistry auditorium show)
Dinosaurs R Us! (Paleontology auditorium show)
Lights, Luminescence, Lasers, Action! (Physics/light auditorium show)

$250 per classroom-style workshop up to 30 students;

$500 per auditorium show

(addtl fees may apply)


After-School Programs


STEM World can bring engaging after-school programs in both traditional and non-traditional sciences (such as astrophysics, paleontology, anthropology or archaeology), as well as technology programs (such as programming/coding and robotics), or other custom-made programs to fit your school's needs or curriculum.

$10-20/student per session depending on class size, duration and activity.

(addtl fees may apply)


Field Trips


STEM World can host student field trips to our facility for up to 30 students with exciting 1-2 hr workshops in biology, chemistry, engineering, paleontology, archaeology, robotics and more!

$200+, depending on class size, duration and activity.


Teacher STEM Training


STEM World offers ½ and full day training sessions for educators, covering modern approaches to STEM education in the classroom, as well as hands-on practical techniques for traditional science workshops and technology, such as 3D printing, robotics and programming.

[Note: this training can be combined with a class field trip to finalize the training in a real class scenario with trainer observation and coaching.]

$100/teacher (incl. lunch),
min. 4 participants.


Computer Science Class Instruction


Along with our cutting-edge curriculum, STEM World can offer instruction in computer science, including cyber-security, with direct, in-class instruction at your school.


Consulting -
Lab / Workshop / Makerspace Design


Our workshop space speaks for itself - we’ve built a cutting-edge, inspiring lab and technology inventor space for the modern-day education. We can consult with your school to come up with the right combination of space planning, design and equipment needs for your new lab or makerspace.