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Your Children Will Receive All The Support!

These sessions provide an opportunity for parents to ensure their children receive all the support, supervision and resources they need to complete their online school classes and assignments. These sessions are specially designed for ages 5 – 8, as they are often the most challenged by the online learning environment and require greater support.

Students can attend full or half day sessions, with options for 2, 3 or 5-days per week.

Comprehensive safety protocols are in place for on-site classes.


STEM Guided Learning Benefits

  • Accelerate learning for students that need higher level challenge
  • Catch up on missed learning and fill gaps to ensure progress
  • Enhance learning through social interaction and fun
  • Provide a structured routine and sense of normality for your children
  • Return to work knowing your children are receiving professional instruction in a safe environment
Guided Learning: Meeting the Needs of Pasadena Families in the Pandemic

What Happens in a Guided Learning Session?


  • Follow their school curriculum with their teachers online.
  • Complete homework assignments.
  • Receive supervision and support from caring, professional STEM World instructors.
  • Take part in STEAM enrichment activities.
  • Enjoy interacting with other students and maintain social development.

Spaces are limited. Reserve your slot today!


You can also contact us for more information.

Are lunch and snacks provided for my child?
Snacks will be provided. Each student should please bring their own lunch.
Can all grade levels attend?
Guided Learning is specifically for ages 5 – 9, regardless of grade level.
What if my child doesn’t have online lessons for the full duration of the Guided Learning session?
Students will be encouraged and assisted to complete their homework assignments during their time at STEM World. Once all school activities are complete, they may join in a selection of STEAM activities.
Will your instructors teach my child during Guided Learning?
Our instructors will supervise and provide support for your children as they follow along with their school teachers. We will not replace their teacher’s instruction. STEM World instructors will provide STEAM activities for students who have completed their school lessons and assignments for the day.
Will my child receive private tutoring?
No. Students will be given help wherever they need it, but will be encouraged to work independently as much as possible. If you require a greater level of teaching input, we recommend you consider our STEM Pods option.
Will my child be helped to complete homework assignments?
Instructors will guide and assist students with homework as required, but responsibility for completing and submitting assignments remains with students and parents/guardians.
What should my child bring?
Please bring a printed-out daily schedule for each student, showing their login details, web address for school classes, class times, homework assignment requirements, and any other essential information. Bring printouts of any worksheets or homework you wish your student to complete. Please provide your own headset for each student. If required, you can purchase one on site.
How will I check on my child's progress?
Parents/guardians can speak to their child’s instructor briefly at the end of a session. During busy times and especially during COVID-19, we ask that you contact us by phone or email to get an update from the instructor or to ask specific questions.
Do we need to bring any special equipment?
You may bring your own laptop if you wish, or your student can use one of our laptops. They will need their own headset – you may bring your own, or purchase one from us.
Can I sign up in the middle of the month?
Yes! The fee will be prorated based on the number of weeks left in the month.
How am I going to be billed?
You will be billed on the 1st of every month.
Will I get prorated for any missed class?
Missed classes will not result in prorated refunds. No refunds for classes missed including scheduled holidays except for STEM World camp week(s) (Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year holidays and Spring Break)
What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellation requests must be sent by the 25th of the month prior. $30 cancellation fee will apply to requests sent between 26th to end of the month. No refunds will be issued for any cancellation request received on or after the 1st.