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High schoolers get hands-on in biology with a variety of labs and experiments designed to challenge and inspire their thinking about the living world! They'll engage in experiments each week and learn proper microscope use, how to make slides, molecule identification, cell differentiation, photosynthesis and much more! All of our STEM School series classes are designed to compliment state standards being taught at home.

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FRI - 11:15 - 1:15 PM

Skill Level


Grade Level

Gr 9-12

Session 1

FRI: Sep 13, 2019 - Nov 1, 2019 [11:45 - 1:15 PM]

Biological Organisms Research


Week 1:

Using a Compound Microscope.
Students learn organelles in a cell and how to use a compound microscope in order to explore cell structure. They are guided through the process of creating an investigative question and a hypothesis to guide their lab exploration.

Week 2:

Molecule Identification.
Students explore the structure and function of common organic molecules. Students will use chemical tests to learn to identify organic molecules in food samples. Students will also use models to create simple 3D representations of organic molecules

Week 3:

Diffusion across a Semi-permeable Membrane.
Students review the process of diffusion and explore the effect of molecule size on the molecule's ability to diffuse across a membrane.

Week 4:

Cell Differentiation Lab.
Students learn to distinguish between prokaryotic, eukaryotic plant, and eukaryotic animal cells.

Week 5:

Photosynthesis and Respiration.
Students will use Vernier gas sensors to test plants ability to convert stored energy in sugar via cellular respiration and release carbon dioxide. Students will test a plants ability to generate oxygen gas when exposed to a light source

Week 6:

Respiration of Sugars by Yeast.
Students determine whether yeast are capable of metabolizing a variety of sugars.

Week 7:

DNA Extraction.
Students observe and compare DNA by isolating and extracting it from various plant sources like broccoli and strawberries.

Week 8:

Building Proteins from RNA.
Students explore the molecular process of building proteins from the information carried by RNA

Session 2

FRI: Nov 8, 2019 - Jan 17, 2020 [11:15 - 1:15 PM]
(No class on Nov 29, Dec 27, Jan 3)

Biological Organisms II


Week 1:

Organic Compounds - Students test common foods for carbohydrates, lipids and proteins.

Week 2:

Krebs Cycle - Students learn cellular respiration by comparing the production/removal of CO2 in water by fish, snails, and elodea.

Week 3:

Mitosis - Students observe the five phases of cellular division in an onion root.

Week 4:

Chromosome Mutation - Students mimic chromosome mutations and then use the activity to defend a claim that inheritable variations can be caused by mutations.

Week 5:

Molecular Genetics - Students are introduced to genetics with experiments by utilizing PTC paper, Punnett Squares and a DNA activity.

Week 6:

Mendelian Genetics - Students engage in mutation lab activities based on Gregor Mendel's research with peas.

Week 7:

Human Genetics I - Students observe human traits and gather statistics for heredity analysis.

Week 8:

Human Genetics II - Students engage in a heredity traits scavenger hunt activity.

Session 3

FRI: Jan 24, 2020 - Mar 13, 2020 [11:15 - 1:15 PM]

World Solutions

Let's solve some world problems! Each week we look at different biological challenges and allow students to come up with solutions that make our lives - and planet - healthier.

Week 1:

Gram +/- Bacteria- Students conduct a lab to study gram positive and gram negative bacteria by utilizing various stains.

Week 2:

Fleming's Discovery- Students learn the history of and engage in an experiment to retrace Alexander Fleming's famous experiment that discovered penicillin.

Week 3:

Penicillin Analysis- Students follow up with the prior week's cultures of bacteria strains and the affects of penicillin.

Week 4:

Recycling Plastics- Students learn the importance of recycling and engage in a lab to create a biodegradable plastic.

Week 5:

Biofuels & Soap- Students will study lipids, leading to two labs for home-made fuel and soap.

Week 6:

Electrophoresis- How to separate chemicals by molecular weight using a 3D printed gel comb.

Week 7:

Water Pollution Analysis- Students analyze various water samples collected from prior week under the microscope, engaging in a game to guess who's water came from what source; introduction to a basic Python program to analyze data.

Week 8:

Air Pollution Analysis- Students collect air samples using particulate plates from various locations in the prior week and then analyze the samples using microscopes; data is plugged into basic Python program.

Session 4

FRI: Mar 20, 2020 - May 22, 2020 [11:15 - 1:15 PM]
(No class on Apr 3, Apr 10)

Pre-Med Studies

Students engage in high-school level pre-med experiments in human biology designed to inspire their inner physician or medical minds! We'll look at the respiratory system, dissect a heart, and analyze bone structure to understand how osteoporosis happens.

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