Learning pods, sometimes dubbed “pandemic pods,” have become a popular way for parents to ensure their children continue to receive good-quality education while schools are closed to in-person lessons.

Much more than just childcare, but a more affordable option than private tutoring, learning pods group together small numbers of students who have similar educational needs or interests, and match them with appropriate instructors. This format allows pods to be tailored to the exact needs of the students.

Due to the abrupt end to regular on-site school learning in the spring, many students lost some content from their curriculum. While some schools are trying to catch up on these gaps in students’ learning, others are continuing with the standard curriculum for each age group. Learning pods can ensure those students aren’t left behind.

On the other hand, some advanced students are experiencing a slow-down in their progress due to the difficulties and hesitation in transferring to effective online classes. Those students benefit from learning pods because the content is appropriate for each small student cohort.

Benefits of Learning Pods

Small group learning is nothing new, and regularly happens within typical school classrooms. The approach allows much closer guidance from teachers, and greater opportunities for each student to contribute and interact with their group.

For families, learning pods allow working parents to provide for their families while their children continue their education with qualified professionals.

Students receive close educational support that is often more effective than large class teaching. The smaller group size means more focused attention from the instructor for each individual student, and the customized learning means an appropriate pace, depth and breadth for the students can be achieved.

One of the most significant benefits for students is the social interaction the small group format affords. This doesn’t just support their social development, as well as mental and emotional health, but it is also a powerful element in effective learning experiences. The ability to discuss and solve problems with others facilitates learning across all ages and curriculum areas.

Some parents, seeing the benefits of this approach, have even taken their children out of school to replace it with this model on a longer-term basis. Others have been using learning pods as part of homeschooling for years. You can learn more about learning pods Here: what are learning pods

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