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  • QUICK AND EFFICIENT CHARGING: The Power Pack's multi-charger was designed to recharge up to 4 batteries for your CoDrone or Petrone Battle Drone simultaneously. Extend your fun flying the drone with freshly charged batteries!
  • NEVER RUN OUT OF POWER: The Power Pack Add-On includes 2 rechargeable LiPo batteries (3.7V, 300mAh) that are fully compatible with the CoDrone and Petrone Quadcopter. Don’t let a dead drone battery ruin the fun! Simply replace your exhausted main battery with one of these to continue using your drone.
  • SIMPLE SETUP: The Power Pack Add-on includes simple, easy to follow instructions to begin charging your CoDrone or Petrone batteries with this kit.
  • ADD-ON ONLY: This kit includes one (1) High Speed Multi-Charger, one (1) AC-DC Adapter, two (2) LiPo Batteries, one (1) USB Cable, and one (1) User Manual. The Main Body/Drone is not included.

More batteries charging means more flight time!

Each battery gives up to 8 minutes of flight time with our CoDrones.
Being able to charge up to 4 batteries at once means that you can have more time to fly your CoDrone! 
Not only does this Power come with the multi-charger, but it also comes with TWO (2) more batteries.

This means that, if you've already ordered one of our CoDrones, you'll have THREE (3) batteries total to use for your CoDrones.
Stay powered up and flying with our Power Pack.



Age: 12+

Subject: Drone

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