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Students are employees at a nuclear power plant and they must work together to keep the reactor core from melting down. To accomplish this, they must use control rods and their wit to keep the reactor core stable. Students must be careful because reactions in the coracan get out of control, radiation leaks can occur and budget cuts can keep them from stabilizing the core. Students must use their knowledge of chemistry to keep the core stable. Do your students have what it takes to be a nuclear engineer, a nuclear scientist, a nuclear technician, a station manager, or a nuclear operator? Test their chemistry knowledge and prevent a Meltdown!

Meltdown, control rods, nuclear engineer, chain reaction, fission, nuclear technician, test prep, chemistry, malfunction, nuclear power plant, reactor, rate of fission, absorb the neutrons, melting down, core stable, out of control, radiation leaks, stabi



Age: 13+

Subject: Chemistry

Country of Origin: China

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