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The Big Idea 

Roar into scientific exploration with this sturdy, 6-piece, animal-themed science set. Fun animal-shaped scientific tools introduce preschoolers to the wild side of science, and 10 hands-on activity cards offer fun, simple ‘experiment’ ideas using ingredients found in your kitchen or backyard! 

Psst...They're Learning! 
  • Perfect for STEM learning
  • Introduces key scientific principles and processes
  • Supports early math skills and understanding of measurement
  • Activities provide hands-on experience with physical science, the senses, and more
Cut to the Chase 
  • Kid-sized animal-themed science set
  • 10 Hands-on activity cards with clear directions
  • Includes large lion test tube with pour-spout mouth, small lion cub test tube with pour-spout mouth, rhino flask, elephant funnel, hippo tongs, and monkey dropper
  • Multilingual package and instructions in English, Spanish, French, and German
  • Sturdy, child-sized components include:
    • 4.5" Test tube with a 2" lion head screw top lid (pour spout mouth)
    • 3" Test tube with a 2" lion cub head screw top lid
    • 5.5" x 5" Tall flask with screw top rhino head 
    • 5.5" Wide elephant head funnel
    • 4.5" Hippo shaped tongs 
    • 4" Monkey themed eyedropper
    • 10 Spiral-bound hands on activity cards


Age: 3+

Subject: Chemistry

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