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  • Gold and silver doubloons in a mix of shiny and antique finish
  • These coins are very dense, and have the look and feel of real gold and silver
  • This lot will consist of an approximately equal mixture of gold and silver ersatz replica pirate doubloons, all of which are approximately 25 mm in diameter
  • These coins are modeled after a hand-struck Spanish 2 Escudo Doubloons minted between 1651 and 1773
  • A great addition to your collection or as gift

We love all things pirate! The classic weathered aesthetic, the mischievousness, the sense of adventure, these are just some of the reasons of what makes the pirate world so awesome. We scour the earth in search of the most fascinating and rare treasures. We've found epic dinosaur teeth, gorgeous jewels, colorful crystals, wooden chests and so much more! After years of hunting down incredible finds, we decided to create our very own pirate treasure. Thus, our pirate coins were created. Made with real metal and inspired by iconic tender from the old Spanish empire, our coins inspire endless fun and excitement!

Inspired by Real Spanish Escudo Doubloons Minted By The Spanish Empire.

The legendary Spanish Escudo coin was minted in Madrid centuries ago. The coin featured intricate motifs and impeccable detail. We took inspiration from the beautiful design and included similar markings with our own flair and style incorporated. For a bit of variety, we've made these fantastic coins in four finishes: gold, silver, antique silver and antique gold.

Look, Feel And Sound Of Real Metal.

Having the coins feel like they've just been dug out from the ocean floor was very important to us. That's why we made our coins from real metal so you can get the best pirate experience possible. It took us a lot of work to get them perfected but we're sure you'll agree that they're pretty darn close. We also went ahead and got them lab tested to make sure that they're 100% non-toxic and safe for play!

Treasure Chests, Board Games, Pirate Decorations: The Possibilities Are Endless!

We thought that we had some ideas about how many different ways you can enjoy our coins, but our customers really took it to the next level. Here are some the coolest ideas about how to make the most of your very own pirate treasure:

  • Use them in board games
  • Add some treasure to your pirate themed parties
  • Include them in a treasure chest gift
  • Hide them as part of a treasure hunt or inside your easter eggs



Age: 5+

Subject: Archaeology

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