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The Big Idea

Explore the hidden wonders of the microscopic world! Young scientists can investigate everything from cells to crystals with the MicroPro Elite™. This 98-piece set includes all the tools kids need to create their own specimen slides and view them at up to 900x magnification. There is also a camera mount to photograph findings and a projection/drawing device to display images for tracing or group viewing.

Psst...They're Learning!
  • Introduces learners to a real science tool
  • Conduct safe and fun science experiments/activities
  • Promotes self-discovery
Cut to the Chase
  • A powerful 98-piece microscope set
  • Microscope offers 50x, 150x, 300x, 450x, and 900x magnifications
  • Perfect for home or classroom use
  • Inner and outer planets rotate at different speeds for more realistic motion

Die-cast metal microscope that offers 50x, 150x, 300x, 450x, and 900x magnifications with rotating 3-lens turret design
2 magnifying, all-glass eyepieces (10x and 30x)
Projection/drawing device for viewing and tracing; built-in color filter wheel
Camera adapter
Magnifying glass
Measuring graduate
Stirring rod
Test tube with cap
Petri dish
6 Specimen vials
5 Prepared slides
18 Blank slides
18 Slide labels
36 Slide covers
Storage and carrying case
24-page instruction and activity guide



Age: 8+

Subject: Biology

Batteries: Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

Download our Product Instructions: GeoSafari Microproelite Manual

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