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Glowing Chemistry


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Explore the fascinating world of chemical reactions that produce light, called chemiluminescence. Mix up a magical blue light in a test tube using the glowing chemical luminol and other substances. With some cool chemical reactions, even coins and radishes begin to glow. You will discover how the natural world is full of luminous mysteries: bright spots on bananas, fluorescent chestnut bark, and glowing creatures in the sea. Experiment with the special ultraviolet lamp to reveal things that would otherwise be invisible. Learn about the electromagnetic spectrum, including visible and invisible light. Experiment with glow-in-the-dark plastic. Build a fun glowing puppet theatre to play around with glowing pigments and discover real-world applications for glowing chemistry.

A 48-page, full-color manual guides you through 22 experiments in light chemistry and provides scientific explanations and examples.

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Age: 10+

Subject: Chemistry

Awards: 2014 ASTRA Best Toys for Kids Winner (Science)
  • Chemistry experiments with Luminol
  • Experiment with UV light

Experiments: 22

Manual Pages: 48

Batteries Required: 1 x AAA

Country of Origin: Germany

Year Released: 2014

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Glowing Chemistry Manual

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