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STEM Girlz

Ages 8+
About STEM Girlz™

Calling all girls 8-12 years old with an interest in science and engineering! They will flourish in our boy-free, STEM Girlz workshops! Over the 8-week session, they'll engage in a variety of topics, including Biology, Chemistry, Robotics, Environmental Science, Astronomy, Paleontology, and more! We provide engaging hands-on activities … fostering curiosity through exploration, discovery and doing. This is at the heart of what we do to inspire future scientists.

Girl Scouts® are encouraged to join and earn the latest STEM badge!

We keep the activities and lessons fresh and innovative, so that returning students are constantly engaged. It never gets old or boring here at STEM World.

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6 Classes
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8 Classes
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Science & Tech Workshops for Girls Ages 8+

Biology Workshops

Perfect for the future doctor or biologist, our biology workshops introduce future scientists to the living world, learning biological systems, both plant and animal, as well as human anatomy. We utilize microscopes and sample slides to explore various organisms at the microscopic level.

Chemistry Workshops

Our chemistry workshops cover the atomic elements, their molecular structure and how different elements interact when mixed, heated or cooled. We utilize quality models and visual aids to demonstrate a variety of chemical principles. We also mix (safe) chemicals to show reactions, make crystals, and conduct other fun experiments, using quality microscopes to examine various elements.

Engineering Workshops

Builders, engineers and inventors, these workshops are for you! We cover the principles of mechanical/civil engineering, including building, structures, lifting/moving objects, strength and material calculations, motion, the impact of environmental forces on structures. For those wanting a more creative outlet, we also offer workshops on the design and invention of prototypes and technology, utilizing our own Technology Lab (3D printers & CNC) equipment for these workshops.

Physics Workshops

Students learn the vast world of matter, energy, gravity, mechanics, electricity, sound, magnetism, atomic structure, as well as the nature of light/radiation, lasers and refraction. We cover a few significant physics discoveries in a fun way, such as Newton’s and Einstein’s theories. We use quality equipment in this series.