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STEM School

Ages 8+
About STEM School

This is our labs program designed specifically for homeschooled students, ages 8-14, offered in progressive, 8-week sessions in core topics such as biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, robotics, programming and more. Our curriculum is carefully designed to compliment state standards and integrating NGSS, but with our own, unique approach that emphasizes hands-on activities and "three dimensional" learning - giving students a more practical, relevant perspective of science. Our progressive curriculum covers various skill levels – so, with or without experience, students are sure to find a level that challenges them!

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Science & Technology Labs for Homeschoolers

Biology Labs

Our Biology Labs introduce students to hands-on exercises and experiments int eh living world, covering living organisms, including their physical structure, chemical processes, molecular interactions, physiological mechanisms, development and evolution.  We'll also introduce students in activities in related topics, such as human anatomy, ecology, oceanography, botany, zoology and paleontology.

Chemistry Labs

Our Chemistry Labs engage students in hands-on exercises and experiments in the atomic elements, their molecular structure and how different elements interact when mixed, heated or cooled. We utilize quality models and visual aids to demonstrate a variety of chemical principles. We also mix (safe) chemicals to show reactions, make crystals, and conduct other engaging experiments. We also teach students how to use quality microscopes in these workshops to examine various elements.

Technology Labs

In our Technology Labs, we teach design, architecture, 3D printing and model-making with some of the best computer-aided design (CAD) software on the market > TinkerCad and Fusion 360.  Together, they'll explore options to prepare 3D files to be brought to life using a 3D printer.  They'll learn the concepts in 3D design, optimizing 3D models, slicing techniques and control of the 3D

Physics & Engineering Labs

Students are challenged to engineer with structures, lifting/moving objects, and motion, as well as the design and invention of prototypes, all while applying the fundamentals of physics principles, including matter, energy, gravity, mechanics, electricity, sound, magnetism, and the nature of light, to real world applications using quality lab equipment.

Programming/Coding Labs

Students will learn about loops, conditional statements, variables, logic, events, constants, and animations which are the fundamentals of programming. This course is excellent for the development of vital abstract thinking and reasoning, as well as mathematical skills.

Robotics Labs

We utilize a variety of platforms, including Lego, Vex, Makeblock, and Arduino-based systems, as well as their applicable software, to explore the boundless world of robotics, engineering and programming. Combining intuitive drag-and-drop programming for beginner students, or text coding for more experienced students, this exploratory series encourages teamwork, friendship, and creativity from day one. No prior robotics or programming experience is required.