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Ages 5-7
About STEM Kidz


It is never too early to begin introducing STEM learning to your child. We preserve and foster young students' natural desire to discover and invent. We also promote problem-solving and creative and analytical thinking. Our programs teach the skills critical for STEM - curiosity, critical-thinking and analysis.

In each 8-week session, we introduce younger students (age 5-7) to a variety of STEM topics, from anatomy and chemical reactions, coding and robotics, dinosaurs and geology, to physics and astronomy! They will also design and engineer several projects in our creative makerspace, be introduced to the scientific method, and learn to properly and safely use microscopes and other lab equipment.

8 Classes
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Science & Tech Lab Series

Science Labs

For our youngest future scientists, we focus on fun and exploration! Students engage in hands- on activities designed to foster their fascination and curiosity, through popular topics that capture the imagination. Students will grow in confidence as they develop the fundamental scientific skills of observation, testing, and teamwork. Each session focuses on one subject. Each 8-week block features selections from our core range of STEM fields: chemistry, biology, astronomy, physics, inventor/creator (engineering), geology, paleontology, archaeology, geography, environmental science, robotics, and programming.

Robotics Labs

In Jr Robotics, students learn to explore, build, code and test robots and use them for engaging STEM challenges. Students will enjoy learning about motors, sensors, gears and more. No prior robotics experience required. Students will also learn about programming through the Lego programming interface. There are levels 1 - 3 in this course so your student can enjoy this class multiple times. Students will start by making beginner robots and progress to advanced robotics with advanced programming.

Programming Labs

Scratch Programming - Learn how to program using Scratch! Students will learn about loops, conditional statements, variables, logic, events, constants, and animations which are the fundamentals of programming while exploring the mathematics of music! This course is excellent for the development of vital abstract thinking and reasoning, as well as mathematical skills.