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Ages 8+
About STEM Labs

STEM Labs is our after-school 8-week program for students ages 8 and up.  Sessions include weekly classes in core topics such as ROBOTICS, CODING, ASTRONOMY, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, ENGINEERING, GEOLOGY, ECOLOGY, OCEANOGRAPHY, BIOLOGY, BOTANY, ZOOLOGY, PALEONTOLOGY, ARCHAEOLOGY and more! Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed so that it will cover all skill levels – so, with or without experience, students are sure to be challenged!

1 Class
8 Classes
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1 Class

8 Classes

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Science & Technology Workshops

Biology & Chemistry Labs

Perfect for the future doctor or biologist, these workshops introduce future scientists to the living world, learning biological systems, both plant and animal, as well as human anatomy. Our Chemistry Labs cover the atomic elements, their molecular structure and how different elements interact when mixed, heated or cooled. We utilize quality models and visual aids to demonstrate a variety of chemical principles. We also mix (safe) chemicals to show reactions, make crystals, and conduct other fun experiments, while teaching students how to use quality microscopes to examine various elements.

Engineering Labs

Builders, engineers and inventors, this workshop series is for you!  We cover the principles of mechanical/civil engineering, including building, structures, lifting/moving objects, strength and material calculations, motion, the impact of environmental forces on structures. For those wanting a more creative outlet, we also offer workshops on the design and invention of prototypes and technology, utilizing our own Technology Lab equipment, including 3D printers, for these workshops.

Programming Labs

Scratch Programming - Students will learn the fundamentals of programming in Scratch, which is a fun, graphical environment. Topics include variables, conditions, loops, motion, events, and logic, providing a foundation for higher level programming languages.

Web Development  - Web development is an intermediate programming course that encompasses all of the programming necessary for creating web sites. Students begin by learning about front-end web development in HTML, which is one of the languages web browsers understand. HTML focuses on the visual aspect of web design, including fonts, images, tables, and overall layout. This class is very graphical and a great next step for students who Scratch or other programming experience (though no previous programming is required). In subsequent levels of this course, students will learn CSS and JavaScript, which will enable students to create nearly any web site they have seen!

Java Programming - The Java Programming course is the advanced level course that covers topics relevant to modern high-level languages, including conditional statements, loops, variables, Boolean logic, and methods. Java is a full-fledged programming language that is taught in the AP Computer Science A course, college courses, and used in the industry. Successful completion of this course will provide a solid foundation in introductory programming topics, and subsequent levels will teach students what is covered in first and second semester college programming classes.

Robotics Labs

Vex Robotics - Robotics is an interactive course that will teach students how to build and program robots, collaborate with other students, and problem solve. Robotics encompasses many parts of engineering, and this course will teach students how to build and program robots to solve specific tasks autonomously and with human intervention. No prior robotics or programming experience is required.