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STEM PODS - In-person or Online

keep your child making good progress with their school curriculum

With STEM Pods, your child will receive targeted instruction and support in a small group of your choosing, either in-person at our Pasadena facility, or online. We tailor lessons in science, math or technology to meet your group’s specific curriculum needs.

You can also take engineering and robotics as enrichment activities.

Comprehensive safety protocols are in place for on-site classes.


STEM Pods Benefits

  • Accelerate learning for students that need higher level challenge
  • Catch up on missed learning and fill gaps to ensure progress
  • Enhance learning through social interaction and fun
  • Provide a structured routine and sense of normality for your children
  • Return to work knowing your children are receiving professional instruction in a safe environment
Pods Inspire Passion for Learning

Here’s How It Works

  • Form your pod: 4 – 6 students per pod, working at the same grade level.
  • Select your preferred times: flexible schedule options, 7.30am – 5.30pm Monday – Friday.
  • Sign up for your sessions: tell us your needs for curriculum area, grade level and any special requirements.
  • Price is $20/hour/student
  • Attend as a group in your regular time slots: expert instructors support students and respond to their needs.

Why Learning Pods?

The abrupt switch by schools to online classes was challenging for many students. Some experienced gaps in their learning, while others have been held back by a slower pace.

Social isolation and lack of support has caused further difficulties for many parents and students.

Learning pods have become a popular solution.

With this learning model, a small group of students who are working at the same grade level, regularly take classes together with an instructor. Because the group is limited, this is much safer than attending school. It also has the advantage of providing consistent social interaction.

Additionally, it gives the opportunity to follow a very focused curriculum, targeting areas of special interest or concern to those students, with extra attention and support achieved by the low student to teacher ratio.

Spaces are limited. Reserve your slot today!


You can also contact us for more information.

Can I include children of different ages in one pod?
Only if they are working at the same grade level. Our pods are designed to teach a particular area of the curriculum, at a specified level to match the group’s need.
Is STEM Pods like private tutoring?
Not really. It is a very small group, so your child will receive some one-to-one attention. However, classes will be designed to cover the requested curriculum areas for the group as a whole.
Do I get a discount for having more students in the pod?
Our prices are a fixed low rate per student. That way you are not penalized for having a smaller group.
What grade levels do you cover for STEM Pods?
Grades K – 12.
Can my children learn a topic specific to their interests or homeschool curriculum?
Any topics can be covered within the subjects of math, sciences, technology (i.e. computer science/programming), engineering or robotics. If you’re not sure, feel free to drop us a line!
Are lunch and snacks provided for the students if they stay all day?
Snacks will be provided. Each student should please bring their own lunch.
Will my student be helped to complete homework assignments?
Students will receive support from their instructors according to the requested curriculum. Instructors will guide and assist students with homework as required, but responsibility for completing and submitting assignments remains with students and parents/guardians.
How will I check on my student’s progress?
Parents/guardians can speak to their child’s instructor briefly at the end of a session. During busy times and especially during COVID-19, we ask that you contact us by phone or email to get an update from the instructor or to ask specific questions.