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Professional Development for Teachers

STEM World is a leader in STEM education, curricula and the development of engaging hands-on activities in science and technology.  We’ve developed some of the best STEM courses and workshops anywhere - and we know the methods, including NGSS, to teach it.

How are we different?

We bring knowledge, experience, and a proven process to engage and train teachers seeking professional growth in NGSS and STEAM teaching methods to add new dimensions of learning to the classroom. Our experienced teacher trainer has successfully done this in schools and education centers, and we look forward to sharing our knowledge.

Upcoming Teacher Professional Development Working on Jun 1-4 and Aug 10-13. Register Now! Limited slots.


Designed for You

Whether we are conducting workshops at your school or our facility in Pasadena, or providing 1:1 mentorship in classrooms, our process of training teachers in STEAM is customized specifically for you. We understand a school’s need to address the curriculum, professional development, and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). We work with you to ensure that all these are covered. Participants can expect an interactive presentation filled with stimulating materials and hands-on activities that foster teacher collaboration.

Adapts to your school’s needs by providing workshops designed for educators of all levels in 2-hour, half-day and one-on-one sessions.
Enhance educators’ STEAM knowledge and skills using scientific inquiry and the engineering design process
Help educators develop a student’s 21st century knowledge and skills in creativity, critical thinking, innovation, collaboration and communication that are essential to success
Allow educators to reflect on how to best integrate STEAM into the classroom to foster student success

Core Workshop Objectives

Foundations of STEAM philosophy
Teachers will know when and how to incorporate and lesson planning STEAM and will develop a STEAM lesson plan.
Next steps for STEAM philosophy and integration
By the end of the session, teachers will produce a customized STEAM lesson plan template.
Building, teaching and assessing STEAM curriculum
By the end of the session, teachers will create goals and objectives for a STEAM unit, and design assessment items that effectively measure student learning.
Examine STEAM implementation and assessment results to make revisions if needed
By the end of the session, teachers will have a SMART plan to revise instruction as needed based on an analysis of their assessment data.
Curriculum Mapping Consultation for NGSS/STEAM integration
By end of the session there will be a realistic plan for integrating NGSS/STEAM at least 4 times per year or once a quarter for TK‐8.

Teaching strategies we use with 21st Century Pedagogy

Critical Thinking
Problem Solvers/Finders
Active, Hands-on Learning
Student‐Centered Teaching and Learning
Inquiry‐Based Instruction
Deeper Learning ‐ Depth of Knowledge (DOK)
 Program Trainer

Meet Shakeh Haroutiounian, M.Ed.

Shakeh Haroutiounian is an educational consultant and parent and teacher educator. She is a California credentialed teacher with a master’s degree in Education, specializing in Curriculum & Instruction. Ms. Haroutiounian also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology with a minor in Spanish Literature from UCLA. Ms. Haroutiounian has over 18 years of experience in education, including teaching in two public schools, as well as, founding and operating the 17-year-old educational services company, Axia Learning. She continues her professional growth in 21st Century Teaching and Learning, as well as maintaining a working knowledge of new findings in education and psychology primarily in the areas of deeper learning, metacognition, and mindfulness in education. Ms. Haroutiounian has been studying and practicing secular mindfulness meditation through MARC UCLA for the last 18 years, as well as, group dynamics and group process facilitation through GREX Group Relations for over 14 years.

Specializing in K-8 Education

Ms. Haroutiounian specializes in K-8 education and is an expert in NGSS. She served as Chairperson of the St. Gregory Hovsepian School Board in Pasadena for 3 years and continues to serve as the Chairperson of the school’s Education Committee. Shakeh also serves on the board of the Glendale Educational Foundation as its School Needs Committee Chairperson, working with Glendale Unified School District’s leaders. She also contributes to global education by actively serving on the World Education Connection’s advisory team serving as its curriculum development and teacher training co-chairperson.
Provides thought leadership on educational issues throughout the community.
Regularly presents parent and teacher education workshops on various topics.
Presents workshops for teachers on Multiple Intelligences Theory, Nurturing a Growth Mindset, Cultivating Deeper Learning, and Collaborative Leadership among many topics.
Strives to guide and support parents and teachers to help each child feel valued and reach his or her full learning and performing potential.

Don't hesitate. Let's get started!